"Superfly" Sean Felton

The stigma associated with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) may be related to how it was first promoted in 1980: “The Battle of the Tough Guys”. This new fighting style combined various Martial Arts, along with grappling and punching. It was considered barbaric, yet quickly gained popularity. Today, MMA has gained credibility as a legitimate sport. This story aims to not only show a glimpse of the training demands but also, shine light on the person behind the "fighter" persona.

Meet Sean "Superfly" Felton (30) of Buffalo, New York: A graduate of Buffalo State College with a degree in Criminal Justice, Sean competed in Track and Field. After college, Sean longed to compete in sports again. He decided to try Mixed Martial Arts, which he always admired and which his father also studied and practiced. After a year’s hard training, Sean faced his first amateur bout.  With coach and promotions in tow, he progressed quickly, landing two championship belts. Six years later - at age 27 - Sean turned Pro.  


Homeless but Happy

In May of 2016 I set out to do a photographic project of the homeless on the streets of Buffalo, NY. Through Grace Point Alliance's outreach program, I met Matt and Kelly, who mentioned that they were planning on getting married. I was pleased to be able to document their special day.